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Click on a class name for more information. You may register online and pay any charges with a credit card. This is handled by a secure site credit card processor. Willis-Knighton does not collect or keep your credit card information. You may also register by calling (318) 212-8225 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. (except holidays). Charges due must be paid in advance.

Note: For classes eligible for a refund, the refund policy requires you to call at least one week in advance to cancel. Refunds will be issued, less a $10 administrative fee.

WK Fitness & Wellness Centers
These camps take place at WK Fitness & Wellness Centers and are open to members and non-members. More information on each class is available by calling the fitness & wellness centers. Our regular class schedule for members is available by visiting the Fitness & Wellness Center Web site.

Baby Boomer FitCamp
This camp is focused on you -your balance, bones, strength, and flexibility. "Let the sunshine in" and start "Groovin" with the tunes of your era. You'll get some "RESPECT" for a healthier you.

Fee: $60 (Member) / $250 (Non-Member)

Extreme FitCamp
Extreme FitCamp offers an intense mix of cardio, strength training and circuits to ensure you get amazing results.
Meets for 6 weeks.

Fee: $60 (Member) / $250 (Non-Member)

HEAT FitCamp
HEAT stands for High Energy Athletic Training. Instructors take participants through an intense workout including athletic drills and a variety of cardiovascular exercises. Group personal training at its best.
Meets 6 Weeks.

Fee: $60 (Member) / $250 (Non-Member)

Swimming Lessons - Children and Grandchildren (Fitness Center Members Only)
Only children and grandchildren of fitness center members have the option to take swimming lessons during the spring and summer. Swimming lessons at WK are for children ages 5 to 12 (No exceptions) The sessions are divided into two types of swimmers, sharks and minnows.

Sharks are children ages 5 to 12 that can swim 1/4 to 1/2 the length of the pool independently. In this class swimmers will work on strokes and endurance.

Minnows are children ages 5 to 12 that are just learning how to swim. The class will concentrate on floating, kicking, putting their face in the water, gliding and using their arms.

Fee: $60.00

Swimming Lessons - Toddlers Children and Grand Children (Fitness Center Members Only)
Only children and grandchildren of fitness center members have the option to take swimming lessons during the summer. This class is for toddlers ages 3 to 4. In these classes, an adult is required to be in the water with the swimmer. Instructors teach the child basic tools to help the child become comfortable in the pool. Children will focus on floating, kicking and putting their face in the water.

Fee: $30.00

TRX FitCamp
Created by U.S. Navy Seals, the TRX uses a system of straps and webbing to create a total body workout using your own body weight. These exercises are shown in progressions so that anyone can join and work his or her own way up to the more advanced moves.

Camp meets for six Weeks.

Fee: $60 (Member) / $250 (Non-Member)